The Best Historical Sites You Should Visit In 2020

Below are my favorite historical sites that I think every traveler should try to visit at some point. The story these ruins tell is part of humanity’s story. They guess a deep understanding of our history, power, commonalities, and shared experiences. They show us how we’ve developed as a species.

Don’t miss them!

Here’s the best to see this year:

1) European Castles

2) Machu Picchu

3) Tikal

4) Taj Mahal

5) The Great Wall of China

6) The Pyramids of Giza

7) Petra

8) Stonehendge

9) Easter Island

10) Chichén Itzá

Make your own list! The more you know and understand the past, the more you can understand why people act the way they do in the present. Visiting these attractions and learning our history helps us get there!

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