5 Cheap Vacation Ideas

While many of us dream of traveling the world (or at least taking a few months off from work in pursuit of adventure), it’s not always feasible, even for those with the best of intentions. A lot of things can get in the way.

Some people just want to go on a cheap vacation for a few weeks. Not everyone has the time or luxury to take an extended trip.

So what do you do when you only have a short amount of time and a short amount of money?

There are a few things you can do. One of which involve seeing what’s super accessible to you that you may have missed, and the other is to travel to places that are surprisingly affordable.

Here are the quick and cheap vacation ideas:

1) Be a local tourist

Explore the landmarks, places, restaurants, museums, and galleries that you have always put off or forgotten about. It’s amazing how many city-residing people haven’t even seen the other side of town, let alone some of their hometown landmarks.

2) Travel regionally

Exploring your own region is an underrated and often overlooked aspect of travel. It gets the occasional lip service in magazines, but driving across the United States made me realize how much our own countries have to offer us and how often we overlook that for some foreign place.

3) Go to national parks

There’s almost always a park nearby and spending a few days with nature is not only good for your wallet but also good for your soul.

4) Book a Last-Minute Cruise

Cruise lines always offer incredible last-minute deals. No ship’s captain – or cruise company – wants to leave with half the cabins empty. If you wait until a few weeks before departure, you can find some really amazing deals as cruise lines scramble to find passengers. Plus, cruise operators always throw in some on-board amenities, free upgrades, and cash vouchers to sweeten the deal.

5) Book a Last-Minute Tour

Why are tours so cheap last-minute? Well, think about how people plan vacations. You get the time off work, you book your vacation, you buy your flight, and you go. Since people pre-book, prices are higher in advance because these companies understand booking patterns and then price accordingly. As departure time nears, companies know people aren’t likely to turn up and book on departure day, so they sweeten the price to increase bookings. So take the time off work, wait until the week before, see what’s cheap, and then go.

Travel is simply the art of going somewhere new and different and exploring everything the place has to offer. It doesn’t matter if you have two days, two weeks, or two months. Use these cheap vacation ideas and go explore – on a budget!

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